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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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the. main news headlines most tonight first reports coming from greece suggest that the prime minister george and pray with the opposition leader of reached an agreement about forming a unity government under a new leader the details to be discussed on monday a story we'll be following up blood today. on the news that made the headlines from r.t. in the last seven days police crackdown on the unarmed occupy a movement has been spreading across the country for nearly two months but activists are pledging to stand by their norm violent protest against corporate greed and social inequality. crush a question of legality a victim boots trial after new york jury found
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a businessman guilty of international arms trafficking he now faces between twenty five years to a life sentence in jail but is the plan say they plan an appeal. on a manned mission to mars came one step closer to reality this week as russia's ambitious experiment for more ground trip to the red planet came for the end of moscow six months to successfully cope with five hundred twenty days in isolation. the programs continue next an r.t. the first part of our special report for you into a modern day robin hoods who will seemingly stop at nothing to protect mother earth now the f.b.i. ranks them as one of the greatest threats to national security in the united states after al qaeda stay with us that as we take you behind the eco warrior front line. yes so. that's the key here that's where exactly he is right ok about everything.
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we're given a warning to the oriental blooper that they were violating and pretty well sanctuary they refused to comply with morning so we delivered a serious blow to them in order to pay for. the walk down the street see a child being abused and do nothing you don't stand there and watch whales die and hold a banner and do nothing. our oceans are dying we've already removed ninety percent of the fish from the oceans and we're continuing to exploit them i don't believe in protest to me protesting is submissive it's like please please please don't do that and they do it anyway you know it's a grovelling you know we shouldn't be protesting we should be intervening.
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is a battle is a war and what governments and big business have been doing is extremely destructive and it seems silly to me to think of it as not a war and something that we should fight back against i don't write setting things on fire i don't like sneaking around at night wearing a ski mask crawling underneath cars i don't like it i don't like sitting in a tree two hundred feet up in the air risking my life but i feel the necessity to do these things.
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but being an eco warrior means to me is. doing all you can to defend the earth it can be hard because a lot of people think you should never break the law or at least. not for political purposes. is it. to just invent things have to change i'm going to take action instead of waiting passively otherwise change will happen. if we reach a certain critical mass. and many of us act together we can change the world.
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is that this is my food supply i wouldn't want it if the police corner i was up here but it's not for a few days my not one so no we won't need it. monell computer. we occupied the trees to propound thoughts and child from cutting them down. they
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were clearing the forest so they could lay pipe to the coal plant their building in the industrial part of town it was as if they so it was agreed upon to sample to marshal a corporation and to bring our process to an urban area with a special called a view. to kill i don't find the name square zero. one of i've never dismantled a platform usually the cops do it when the effect is from the trees. but. i thought you had to three months for the courts to issue an injunction stopping work due to a normal lease in the permit granting process in the normal ie was that no one asked because people know hearings were held liable i don't need a piece of paper saying what they did was
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a legal one since standard paper is useless i want to stop firms of his office and us out at. work in the act i've been taking direct action for about ten years. at first it was street theater then i took action against consumerism taking billboards. well i've always been a climber so one day i decided to combine activism with climbing i like the way it works so i carried on i combine my hobby and my political commitment. this rail line goes to dawn and experts have to implement the whole matter then
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into another twenty by road to the future nuclear waste disposal site put out the reason no a temporary site trains loaded with nuclear waste is wrong on this line where. actually surprised is the key to a successful action. that will jump over the fence. but. i don't want to go. one two three four five six. let us on this seventy five seventy six seventy seven icon some of the seven officers plus those over there there's
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a crowd on the bridge but it's about trying to five per person that's what they need to drive the new train for. as you probably already know i remain passive and have a cut anything or destroy anything. i obviously don't have an on off switch to start all nuclear construction over night for fun although. they say i'm going custody we stand by tiny step we're making our dreams come true. see the contracts so tight they're saying this is silly conta has sixteen sponsors . take us on of this or we're going to each one gives ten twenty thirty euros a month which adds up to three hundred fifty year olds i said or sil has unusual
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talents and it was them to work it's a meeting of people who can give money because they approve of her actions some of you know what they can't do with themselves from the banks to this financial support sil can do her thing called and independently of each other and. size. and.
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all of it like stones effect in direct action you commit to face and the legal consequences so when i think over the rails for a few hours and they bring me to trial. for trespassing or whatever i can't say no that wasn't me i don't want to be seen none of the actions are for everybody to see and i do not fight. that i've never done jail time but i've been fined under french and german war they are minor infractions they don't go on my criminal record. because it is unwise i felt these are the cases i have to filed according to time the trial is part of the action of the court house a lot of other things are going on there are demonstrations and there is a hung and people climb on the roof of the courthouse while i'm often down dots and agent in action like that gives us more press we talk to reporters about issues
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like exporting nuclear waste how bad g.m. always are where you each arrange our grievance of us i can't apologize for say.
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we're surrounded by the forest here. the green dam and resource company is the largest redwood landowner the largest single redwood landowner and they have about four hundred thirty thousand acres which is far bigger than any of the parks. their target age age they want to clear cut is forty five years old and now that's just pretty much tree farming these trees can grow to be thousands of years old so when you're just continually stunting it to a maximum of forty five or fifty years it's not a forest at all it's just a tree for. live
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. live. thank you. the forest here was cut down about five years ago that's what most a green dam is land looks like is really small scrubby trees and brush. capturing. the scale of the tree is i think it's about seventy we don't really recognize their right to claim ownership of this land when all they're doing is exploiting it.
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first is the movement they were part of. one of the main mottos of earth first is no compromise in the defense of mother earth. brought them to stop clear cutting we want them to stop using herbicides we want them to not log on steep an unstable hillsides because a lot of erosion and landslides and we want them to not cut anymore or growth ever . just. right here to protect the ecosystems that we rely on her survival and really that everyone on this earth relies on because these trees soak up huge amounts of carbon at the atmosphere and
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if this forest was allowed to grow to its full potential it would greatly reduce the impacts of climate change because these trees get so huge and live for so long in iraq resistant that they store just massive and massive amounts of carbon dioxide. we got all the supplies you asked for i brought some heart. from has been planted. he's pretty. like an inch more than ninety feet. who is great to be out here. apple's.
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new. in one campaign in the one nine hundred ninety s. there was a tree sitter who. was unable to get food or water for three days because there were security guards posted under his tree and he had to drink his own piss. to make it for the last few days. i'm going to make chocolate cake with chocolate. and coke and you know butter top and i. hope it will be great. but. it's not really about like lifestyle choices it's about taking action against
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the corporations that are destroying the earth. we're breaking the law they're breaking the rules you know we're breaking my heart on the one hand and like the spirit like it's like so much more heinous and trespassing and illegal camping building of. the survival of these ecosystems rely on people of conscience taking a stand but since bush took office. the level of involvement with earth first and with civil disobedience to defend the forests has severely declined and they used to be hundreds if not thousands of people who would come to humboldt county yearly to defend the redwoods during logging season and now we're lucky to
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have twenty. it was the other way. to do it is just try as i. was. i just. i. think we have to remember that it's not just a game because and what they call the temper wars appear people have been seriously injured and killed and friends of mine have been chased through the woods and been chased off of steep hills and one of them had to be airlifted out of a remote area because he was chased off a hill and dislocated his pelvis. are
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you going to. put on my everglades. fulfill a bill or no i took my mother my i never understand i. was. doing there was. was shortly after i was involved. the police and humble county started pepper spraying helpless people who were locked to each other and then dipping q-tips into it and then dead in people's eyes with it we didn't really. want to. know. this was just for trespassing refusing to leave nothing more.
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i know tory as environmental activist admits his part in torching trucks until eco terrorist attacks his sentence six and a half years in prison sitting for eleven days on a ledge of cooking spittle building in two thousand and nine. training hero who was born michael scorpion he talked a lot about saving forests but he wouldn't admit he was among the arsonist who the following year portray short logging trucks nearest to qaeda and trucks at portland's ross island sand and gravel now he hands.
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i was incarcerated for almost six years including a halfway house and home confinement time. i had done everything that i knew i could to help save those trees that you go creek and they still were trying to kill those trees i've done everything that i knew i could buy what i didn't purchase by what i did with my own body and my actions i rode blockades and tree sits and they still were pushing forward with that sale and so i thought a bit of desperation well i don't consider arson violent personally if someone renders an enum an object that is pillaging the planet in and. disrespecting our earth mother if they render that piece of equipment useless i don't consider that violent then unless i'm not advocating any one thing i just. encourage people to do something i have to send this form to
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my probation officer every month just to let him know what i've been doing for the month and that i'm not causing any problems. starting this past december so it's set for to go on for two and a half more years i have been targeted by the f.b.i. and the u.s. government because of my political ideology and as a consequence the government is labeled me as a terrorist. arson is a serious crime but although it is certainly a far cry from nonviolent civil disobedience it is not terrorism it's property crime it's sabotage or it's arson but it is not terrorism. now they're going to feel ok. so the whole thing was written.
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in the system it's just all it's all about and. we all need you and i think you and you are best that we can support people that are that are being targeted by the. sound. that is. kind. of. so. now particular regard of climate change there's certainly an eco terrorist threat
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because we've had incidences recently and in the west coast there was some incidents of washington state i think it was where it was eco terrorism which we knocked down some radio towers really set fire to some buildings is not new i mean it's been going on for about twenty twenty five years and censorship and eco terrorist before there was even islamic fundamentalist terrorist in this country there was actually terrorists in this because that was country so it's been going on for a while now is it you know obviously have they killed people like al qaeda has not ok they haven't and we understand that and that's a good thing ok that's a really good thing. in this country patriot act is really messed up and obviously people doing even nonviolent activist work can be considered terrorists and you know i don't want to be on the terrorist watch list just for speaking my my
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opinions it is a battle it is a war what governments and big business have been doing is extremely destructive it's a fucking war like they're going to protect their interests their power and profits at all costs just need to work on ways where you know you know ok or something. culture is that so much as a lot of people are curious will their little worth trying to save from the flood of rain monsoon amicable divorce for well over a generation of voters and consumers around the world who are told that democracy and capitalism. in canada and the us are that it is legal for you to give us
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a bubble bath on your baby that contains a known carcinogen something that causes cancer most of the shine to the most independent they are sponsored by things for it and most of the time they've gone the place to call for coffee just to be an average cancer drug prescription costs nearly one thousand six hundred dollars a month oh my god i'm a nobody with cancer and my five therefore i've got to focus because ninety to ninety five percent of cancers hurt people with self funding history of cancer the pharmaceutical industry spends about fourteen percent of their budget on research and development and about thirty one percent for marketing and ministration. in fact there are more pharmaceutical industry lobbyists in washington d.c. than members of congress.
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from. the.
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wealthy british sign off some months and sometimes that's right.


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